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Red Carpet Styling

I had the pleasure to style my long term client and dear friend, Seonaid for her red carpet event coming up soon. We have worked together over the past few years, starting with a very emotional wardrobe edit. During the session, we soon realised that Seonaid had lost her style identity after being in a bad relationship for many years. She had lost her spark and was hiding her beautiful figure behind ill fitting, dull colourless clothes.

We soon fixed this, I left Seonaid with a colourful, orchestrated wardrobe reflecting the person she is today. Working as a Life Coach , Seonaid draws from her own past relationship and trauma to help others going through similar difficulties. Her event is a Netflix premier of her fellow coach and mentor. I can't wait to see her shine on the red carpet in the dress I selected from my boutique, Kennedi. Watch this space for pics ....

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